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Cart Architecture

Domestic EPCs, Energy, SAP and U-value calculations

Greg at Cart Architecture is fully accredited to produce comprehensive energy calculations for Domestic projects including SAP calculations, U-value Calculations and production and lodging of EPCs for new build domestic properties in Scotland.


SAP calculations are required to demonstrate Building Standards compliance in Scotland and are key to producing an accurate Energy Performance Certificate on construction of your new building. Cart Architecture can not only produce these calculations for submission to your local authority but can help to suggest what improvements could be made to your building to ensure a pass if an earlier design does not quite meet Building Regulations.


Of course we also include these calculations as part of the Cart Architecture design process, ensuring that any building designed by Cart Architecture is sure to meet or exceed energy performance targets. If you desire a particularly environmentally friendly building we can even design a building from the outset to far surpass minimum requirements, meeting Silver or Gold standard as outlined in Section 7 of the Building Standards as we work towards “zero carbon” living.


We can also provide services such as the production of building fabric “u-value” thermal calculations, or heat loss calculations for proving new extension compliance with Section 6.


Please contact us if you have any questions or to find out more about our services.


Glossary of Terms

SAP Calculation – 

Standard Assessment Procedure Calculation is the method by which Domestic building projects in Scotland demonstrate their compliance with Building Standards Section 6.

U-Value Calculation - 

A calculation for demonstrating that a particular part of a buildings fabric (eg walls, or roof) meets certain thermal requirements.


Energy Performance Certificate. All properties in Scotland (as well as many appliances) require an Energy Performance Certificate to be produced on the completion of construction of a new building. The EPC gives the building a rating based on its calculated energy efficiency and CO2 emissions and this certificate must be lodged with a central register plus affixed somewhere within the building itself.

Section 6 (Energy) -

Chapter of the Scottish Building Standards which deals with energy efficiency and carbon emissions for all new buildings, extensions and conversions.

Section 7 (Sustainability) -

A relatively new chapter of the Scottish Building Standards which adds additional (and for now mostly optional) criteria to further enhance the energy efficiency of all new buildings, extensions and conversions over and above what Section 6 allowed for.

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